From the Archive: Broke Dog Custom Boots

-by Timothy Dennis

In honor of the third anniversary of the daily edition of Ozarks at Large, and in staying with the theme of the leather anniversary, here's a profile of the Winslow-based boot maker, from just more than four years ago, when Ozarks was only heard on the weekends.

In Defense of Small Talk

-by Timothy Dennis

Back in March, KUAF News Director Kyle Kellams was one of about a dozen speakers at the inaugural TEDx Fayetteville. While the audience was limited to about 100 people, the event was videotaped for those who couldn't be in attendance. Here's Kyle's TED Talk, in which he makes the case that small talk actually matters.

Protect Your Public Media

-by Katy Henriksen

Protect My Public Media's tagline is "take a stand for the local stations and programs you love." And it's never been easier to do that, with the launch of their brand new and beautifully redesigned website that brings social media to the forefront. Take a look here and share your story on why your local public media outlets, such as KUAF, matter to you and join in their latest campaign to, as they state, "help secure the future of public media."

Fifteenth Annual Summer Jazz Series Kicks off with Jazz Legend Bob Dorough

-By Katy Henriksen

The 15th Annual KUAF Summer Jazz Series kicks off Saturday, July 13, with jazz legend and Arkansas native Bob Dorough, who you may recognize as the voice to many songs on Schoolhouse Rock. Though raised in Texas, he moved to New York City just after finishing a music degree at the University of North Texas in 1949 and quickly immersed himself into the hotbed of bebop jazz. In 1995 he signed with prestigious Blue Note Records, where he has three albums.

KUAF Audio Advance: Fauxnz Self-Titled EP

-by Timothy Dennis

The Fayetteville-based punk band Fauxnz (pronounced "phones") has a new EP. The vinyl is limited to 300 copies, and is available for purchase now.

Mayflower Residents Express Concern After Oil Spill

-From our content partner KUAR in LIttle Rock

Many residents in Mayflower who live near where an oil pipeline ruptured three months ago are expressing growing frustration with ExxonMobil, along with state and federal officials.

They did not live in the neighborhood where many were evacuated after the oil spill and fear they could suffer long-term health consequences from exposure to the fumes.

Hear Mozart in the Museum Again

-by Molly Rawn and Katy Henriksen

Did you miss the June 24 live broadcast of "Mozart in the Museum?" Fear not, we'll be rebroadcasting the program in its entirety for this week's KUAF Sunday Symphony, 7-9 p.m. July 7.
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