Diane Rehm Is Back!

-By Pete Hartman

A few programming changes to talk about here at KUAF...

First off, yes, Radiolab is regrettably no longer on the KUAF schedule. It's been replaced by Humankind Saturdays at noon...a quality program that, if you haven't been able to hear yet in its Sunday morning spot at 6 a.m., this new slot might be a better option for your schedule. While Radiolab is also a quality program that will certainly be missed by our listeners, NPR recently went up on its price AND they've been repeating quite a few programs...so we just feel we have some better options for the pricing.

Also--and this should make many of our listeners very happy--The Diane Rehm Show is back on KUAF-3! If you've missed it (because of another price increase from NPR) you can once again tune in 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday to catch the program. Long story short: we basically said to NPR, "could we have it for x-amount?" They said "sure," and now it's back on the air. You asked for it. We listened. And now it's back. Can you support it with a contribution? If so, call 575-5823 or go to supportkuaf.com....and thanks!

I look forward to this new way for communicating some of the daily workings of KUAF to you through this blog and urge you to contact me if you have any questions regarding the 'operations' of KUAF Public Radio, which is a pretty wide subject. You can email me at phartma@uark.edu, call me at 479-575-7714, or simply drop by the station and ask for Pete.....thanks for listening!