KUAF Audio Advance: The Vine Brothers' “The Devil and the Deep Black Sky”

-by Antoinette Grajeda

Guitarist Greg Bucking, mandolinist Joe Credit III, and upright bassist Garrett Jones comprise the acoustic trio known as The Vine Brothers. The musicians describe their music as “soulful Americana and gypsy swing.” According to The Vine Brothers' website, the group had been active in music scenes in Fayetteville, Kansas City and New York before teaming up to create The Vine Brothers. The group toured across the country for about two and half years before releasing its debut album “Low Rent” in 2012.

The Vine Brothers' latest album, “The Devil and the Deep Black Sky,” is slated for release August 5. Physical copies will be available at live performances until August 10th, at which point the eight-track album will be available online as well.

The group will spend part of August performing in the northeastern part of the country before returning to Northwest Arkansas to perform a couple of sets at the Fayetteville Roots Festival. If you don't want to wait until then to hear the band, you can get a sneak peak of The Vine Brothers' newest album below:

The Vine Brothers' stopped by the Firmin-Garner Performance Studio earlier this year and gave us a preview of the new album's title track.