A Salute To St. Patrick's Day, The Irish, and All Things Green

Here are the 9 pop culture references used for today's montage:
  1. "Reel Around the Sun" from a 1995 performance of Riverdance
  2. Rudy gets ready to lead the Fighting Irish onto the field for the first, and only, time
  3. The Band backing Van Morrison on "Tura Lura Lura (It's an Irish Lullaby)" on Thanksgiving night, 1976
  4. A Lucky Charms commercial from the early '70s
  5. Kermit the Frog being upstaged by none other than the late, great Ray Charles singing "It's Not Easy Being Green"
  6. John Wayne tries to get his bearings from local Dubliners upon his arrival in Ireland in The Quiet Man
  7. A 1979 commercial for Irish Spring soap
  8. John Lennon singing "The Luck of the Irish"
  9. A recent commercial for Jameson Irish Whiskey
Transition Music: 
"Perfect Stranger" by Dropkick Murpheys