Snap Judgement Rocking the Cover of The Atlantic Monthly

Photo credit: Timothy Dennis

Is long-form curated storytelling, like that found on programs like This American Life or Radiolab, the future of public radio? That's one of the questions that The Atlantic Monthly poses in its feature on Glynn Washington, the host and executive producer of NPR's Snap Judgement. The article describes Washington as one of the fastest rising stars on the public radio horizon, stating that he " . . . is the first African American host to swing a big cultural stick, the first who seems likely to become a public-radio superstar on the order of (Ira) Glass or Garrison Keillor."

Also in the article, Mark Oppenheimer asks if Glynn is the answer to public radio's "diversity problem," in attracting an audience that includes more than the stereotypical NPR listener, which Oppenheimer paints as  " . . . a 50-something white guy." Read the full article here.