Soundcheck @ Smoke & Barrel #1: Fossils of Ancient Robots

-By Katy Henriksen

Eureka Springs may be best known for its hills full of Victorian and Queen Anne charm, but it's also the home to a synth-driven electronica band called Fossils of Ancient Robots. When I caught up with the three-piece for our debut Soundcheck @ Smoke & Barrel they had five synthesizers on stage. Check out our video from the session, filmed and edited by Sophie Bauer, which includes a conversation with the band and a few of their original tunes.

The Soundcheck @ Smoke & Barrel series highlights the diversity of live music in our region by bringing you plugged-in sets that simply aren't possible within KUAF's Firmin-Garner Performance Studio. Watch the introduction video to find out more about this exciting new series and check back soon for sessions with Damn Arkansan and 1 Oz. Jig.