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German pianist and composer Ratko Delorko stops by to discuss his MIDI sonata and more prior to his performance for the UA music department.Ratko DelorkoRatko Delorko
Helene GrimaudHelene Grimaud

Grace, passion and precision run throughout Helene Grimaud’s new recording of Brahms’ two piano concertos for Deutsche Grammophon.

Although Grimaud immediately embraced Brahms’ 1st (op. 15), as “intimate,” discovering it as a child and first recording the concerto in 1997, she reluctantly approached the 2nd out of duty in 2007. Then, in 2011 the piece came “knocking on the door from the inside,” as she explained, when her true connection was made.

In addition to her career as a musician, Grimaud founded the Wolf Conservation Center in upstate New York, is an active member of Musicians for Human Rights and continues to champion both environmental and human rights causes.

When asked about how her role as a musician connects with her role as an activist she explained: “One of the basic precepts of the German Romantic school is that nature is the ultimate muse we do not really invent anything, that we simply rediscover what is already there and that all disciplines take root in a global intuition.”

For Grimaud it makes a lot of sense to be at once a musician and an activist because they are intrinsically connected.

“It’s one of the ways one can give back. When you have the privilege of being able to do what you love doing, to live from what you love doing, it’s the ultimate luxury,” she explains. “So you of course are motivated to give back in any way shape or form you can.”

brassbrassThe UA music department's brass quintet Boston Mountain Brassworks has not just one, but two new members this season. Hear about the ensembles two new players from members Cory Mixdorf, trombone, and Timothy Thompson, horn, as well as why it's so much fun to play in a brass quintet - hint, they get to let it all out. Boston Mountain Brassworks perform in the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall on the UA campus in Fayetteville Friday, Nov. 8, at 7:30 p.m. It's a free concert open to the public.
John Jeter, music director of the Fort Smith SymphonyThe 90th anniversary season of the Fort Smith Symphony continues with a performance with the Canadian Brass. Music Director John Jeter looks back on his very first season and ahead to the next in this conversation with Katy Henriksen.

Six Sonatas for Violin and Piano

Violinist Michelle Makarski collaborated with jazz giant Keith Jarrett in a new recording of Bach sonatas for violin and piano. When she spoke with Katy Henriksen she elaborated on her comparison to time-lapse photography for the endeavor.

The NYC-based Cassatt Quartet is pairing a brand new composition by Bruce Adolphe along with Shostakovich's introspective Eighth Quartet in a concert at the Great Hall of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Friday, Oct. 4.

Bruce Adolphe, inventor of the piano puzzler for Performance Today says that if each puzzle was stacked back-to-back the result would be as long as Wagner's Ring Cycle. The popular weekly quiz based on a song reinvented in another composer's style has been around now for more than a decade. As Adolphe explains, it all started out as a teaching device.

NYC-based composer Bruce Adolphe was commissioned by the University of Central Arkansas to write a new piece. When he found out the Cassatt Quartet would be debuting the composition, he decided to write about Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt. The piece "Mary Cassatt: Scenes From Her Life" will be presented by the Cassatt Quartet at the Great Hall of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Friday, Oct. 4.

The Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra kicks off its 2013-2014 season with a screening of Charlie Chaplin's City Lights accompanied by a live performance of the Chaplin score by the APO. Music Director Steven Byess elaborates on Chaplin as composer.
In addition to writing, directing and starring in his own films, Chaplin also composed scores for them, beginning with iconic City Lights. The Art for the Citizen Symposium 2013, presented this week at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, explores Chaplin as an "artist for the citizen" this week, which culminates in a screening of City Lights with a live accompanied by the Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra. Frank Scheide, professor of communications at the UA - Fayetteville and one of the symposium participants, elaborates on Chaplin as composer.