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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
On this edition of Ozarks, a conversation with gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson. Also, Walmart hosts its first open call for hundreds of U.S. suppliers.

Supporters of proposals involving Arkansas' minimum wage and regulation of alcohol sales say they have enough signatures to make it to the ballot in November.

Wall Street by Craig Ventresca
Some of the tens of thousands of unaccompanied Central American children seeking asylum are making their way to Arkansas. Jacqueline Froelich met with a teenager newly arrived from El Salvador who describes her journey and Springdale attorney, Laura Ferner-Moudy (photo), who is representing her.

A Fayetteville Police Department representative recently explained how seized items ended up at city auction at Callaway Auctions in Springdale.

Real Good Woman by Johnnie Johnson
Our Ozarks at Large insect expert takes us back to Clear Creek to find our nymphs from March all grown up.

Becca Martin Brown gives us the quick facts about Fleur Delicious in Eureka Springs.
Summer is here and the ways to avoid boredom are plentiful.
Loud Pipes by Ratatat